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Our digital training consultancy helps you align your organisation and teams with the capabilities and expectations of today’s world. Partner with Us to Achieve the Results You Need for an Efficient and Effective Workplace! We can help unlock the Power of Productivity with the Microsoft 365 tools.

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We drive the successful adoption of Microsoft 365 technology. We put people at the heart of the new digital workplace through customised learning experiences and ongoing support.

Microsoft Teams

We empower your people to be more effective and collaborative using Microsoft Teams to support new ways of working.

Microsoft 365

Keep skills current across the new features of the Office suite. Learn how the new tools can increase productivity and enhance your ways of working.


Our expert-led sessions demystify the workings of AI, making it accessible and usable for everyone.  We believe that with the right training, everyone can harness the power of AI with Microsoft Copilot.

We put people's needs at
the heart of what we do

Here at the 365 Training Hub we help businesses shape their digital workplace skills and ways of working to help them thrive. No matter what type of training works best for your team, we always put people’s needs at the centre of what we do.

Live Webinars

Online webinars are the perfect tool for us to work together. Live training means responsive, customised sessions delivered wherever you are.

Drop-in Sessions

Drop in sessions are a great way to reinforce the learning that takes place in the webinars. These sessions give you shared controls with the trainer, letting you practice what you’ve learnt.

Helpful resources

People learn in different ways, so we create a range of bespoke learning resources for each project. Clear visual guides, engaging short videos and webinars are combined to suit all learning styles and give your project a “people first” feel.

Embracing new ways of working

We believe that when the needs of your people are at the heart of your Microsoft 365 technology roll out, people will feel empowered by the change and their adoption will become unstoppable. Make your people feel more confident and better prepared to shape new ways of working. Talk to us about how we can support the change and training for your organisation.

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Fill 17
Eastern Institute of Technology
“We are happy to recommend the 365 Training Hub for your migration project. Their in-depth knowledge of the technology couple with a ‘people-first’ emphasis meant we achieved our goal of a painless and successful migration.”​
Karn Harvey
Technical Project Leader
Thanks so much – your presentation is slick, relaxed, inclusive and upbeat – brilliant!
attendee at General Teams Training session
Thank you for your help on this one. I thought it was a very worthwhile, high value exercise
Gregor Bell
Project Manager
Boxfish Research Limited
Thanks so much for customising the training for us, I believe that was really helpful and with the materials, the team can use the platform easier. Not to mention we got rid of at least two additional systems and one more in process. Such a relief!
Vera Bronza
Marketing and Sales
Northern Regional Alliance Limited
The knowledge and humour were so beautifully entwined that the hour spend with you was not only an enriching experience but also one that has motivated me to use Teams to an optimum level.
Roopa Krishnaswamy
Attendee at a General Teams Training session
Thanks again to you Kelly, and Jandi for your assistance through this project - we have had great feedback on the approach you took.
Hamish Martin
Director, Information Technology