Pivot Table Hack - Report Filter Pages

365 PRODUCTIVITY | By 365 Training Hub | January 16, 2024
Pivot Table Hack - Report Filter Pages

Need to create a quick pivot table for each product, each location or maybe each salesperson?  Use this simple technique using Report Filter Pages.

Step One - click into your data and press Ctrl + T. This magic Excel shortcut turns your data into a Table. It now looks good and has great built in functionality.  Specifically, for Pivot Tables is allows you to add more data to the Table and the range will dynamically grow allowing a quick refresh of the Pivot Table with one click of the Refresh Button!

Step Two: Build your Pivot Table and add one field e.g.: ‘salesperson’ into the Filter Area.

Step Three: Go to the ‘Pivot Table Analyze ribbon’, Select ‘Options’ from the far left of the Ribbon and then click ‘Show Report filter pages’ - you will see your ‘salesperson’ field is populated there - click OK.

Result! You know have a separate page with one pivot table per page, per salesperson!


Now that is handy!


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